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Auto Partner SA focuses on development!

Standing still is moving backwards – everyone knows the saying. And it is in this direction that Auto Partner has been going for many years. The Company has been successfully operating on the automotive part distribution market for almost a quarter of a century. An assortment offer, constantly enriched, which is a response to the growing market demand, encourages taking bolder steps. Over the past dozen years or so, the Company has evolved in a significant way and the visible sign of this was that the registered office was relocated several times. In 2006, after 13 years of operation, Auto Partner, with its few hundred employees, moved to a new and then-modern registered office in Bieruń, at 300 Oświęcimska Street. Spacious offices and a two-level warehouse of 9,000 square metres met the requirements of that time.

In the meantime, the Company hired more employees, broadened its offer and was dynamically increasing the number of branches in Poland. In effect, after merely 8 years, it undertook a new investment: to build a modern logistic and distribution centre. A new registered office, located at 20 Ekonomiczna Street, Bieruń, was opened towards the end of June 2014. At that time, the Company had a 4-level warehouse of about 20 thousand square metres and offices of 1.5 thousand square metres. The warehouse was equipped with one of the most modern belt feeders and lifts. The automation of the distribution centre and 26 loading ramps significantly facilitated and accelerated order performance.

Continuous development of the Company and expansion of its activity made the then-modern logistic and distribution centre prove insufficient. Hence, towards the end of 2016 Auto Partner began to expand its registered office in terms of storage and office area and the entire undertaking was put into use in the first quarter of 2017. The storage area was raised by nearly another 12 thousand square metres and the office area – by 700 metres, there were more loading ramps as well. This step, combined with warehouse management modernisation, increase in stocks, expansion of assortment and introduction of new brands and product lines, contributed to an even more efficient and faster management of nearly 80 branches throughout Poland and numerous representative offices abroad.

The pace of the Company’s development was accelerating more and more. This is why in the same year a new logistic and warehouse centre of 8,500 square metres was built in Pruszków, the warehouse and sales department of which were launched in July 2017 and supply the branches located in northern Poland and representative offices in Latvia and Lithuania. At the end of the year, Auto Partner has set up a company in the Czech Republic with its logistic centre located in Prague. Less than a year later, a decision was made to develop the logistic and distribution centre in Bieruń once more; the entire undertaking was completed and put into use at the beginning of 2019. The warehouse gained additional 11 thousand square metres, thus reaching the area of over 40 thousand square metres. In addition, the office area was increased by 500 m² and the number of loading ramps was went up by additional 12. Moreover, the warehouse mezzanine was developed, thanks to which the storage area increased almost twice.

Currently, the Group employs over 1700 employees, has over 90 branches located throughout the country and two distribution centres of total warehouse area of approximately 100 thousand square metres. The Company delivers its products to Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium, Croatia, Estonia, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, Romania, Slovenia, Ukraine, Hungary and Italy.



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