Dominykas Butvilas and Kamil Heller got the 4th place in the Silesia Rally, the last round of the Polish Rally Championships (PRCh) in this year. The representatives of Auto Partner Rally Team were one of the fastest teams in the rally. They won as many as eight special sections, which was the highest number, but a penalty imposed for confusing the route during the urban super special section lost them the chance for a victory.

The Silesia Rally, organised for the first time, was the sixth round of the PRCh and closed this year’s cycle. At the starting line there were 41 teams which had to face 13 special sections leading through roads of the Silesian voivodeship. The first one, held on Friday evening and located in the area of the Silesian Stadium, was unlucky for Dominykas and Kamil. A minor mistake of the team of red and white Skoda Fabia R5 resulted in a 3-minute penalty, in line with the regulations, and a fall to the last place in the rally. On Saturday morning the representatives of Auto Partner Rally Team began the pursuit of the lead. On that day they won three special sections and despite a one minute loss caused by getting a flat tyre, they moved up from the 41st to the 8th place. On the second day Dominykas and Kamil won in five out of six held special sections, completely dominating in the Sunday competition. They finished the Silesia Rally on the 4th place in the general classification, gaining along the way additional points for the 2nd place on Power Stage.

Dominykas Butvilas: The Silesia Rally, just like beautiful autumn which welcomed us near Chorzów, had many colours for us, both dark and bright ones. It was difficult to us to accept the mistake made in the first section. I cannot explain it otherwise than by saying that we are all human and such situations happen. Despite an enormous penalty, we “reset” before the next day and started with a strong resolution to drive as fast as possible. Throughout the season our team learned new things, while I treated the Silesian event as a kind of an examination. Confident, fast and effective driving, ensuring victories on individual special sections, shown our progress. Although in the longest section we got a flat tyre which cost us another minute, the fight to the last metre of the rally gave us the 4th place in the general classification and the 2nd place in the class. To us, it was a small victory. To sum up the entire season, I must say that it proved to be difficult and highly demanding. Auto Partner Rally Team for the first time took part in the PRCh cycle. Every rally was full of new experiences which I believe will pay off in the future. Sometimes we needed a bit of luck. All in all, I am waiting for another season to fight for even better positions.




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