Extreme heat, numerous accidents, cancelled sections – all this ensured this year’s Rzeszowski Rally will go down in history as one of the most dramatic rounds of the Polish Rally Championships (PRCh) of the recent years. The duet Auto Partner Rally Team also had some adventures.

The 26th Rzeszowski Rally was heralded for a long time as the most difficult round of the PRCh of this year. It resulted both from a long list of entries full of well-known names, and long special sections at traditionally fast, slippery and technical routes of the Podkarpacie region. In Thursday afternoon 96 teams competing in the European Rally Championships (ERC) and the PRCh drove through a start ramp during a formal ceremony. At this time no one expected that the Friday’s stage will be one of the most peculiar in the history of this cycle for the contestants taking part in the Polish Championships. Numerous accidents of teams competing in the ERC classification made the organiser frequently stop and cancel subsequent special sections. In the consequence of these events, Dominik Butvilas and Renatas Vaitkevicius covered only one special section from five which were planned for this day. Unfortunately, after the merely 25-kilometre “Trout” Skoda Fabia R5 of the representatives of Auto Partner Rally Team stopped at the connection to the urban section. It was caused by problems with fuel pressure.

Dominik Butvilas – the Rzeszowski Rally was for us a mixture of positive and negative feelings. The route was extremely difficult, technical, demanding and unforgiving. Luckily for us, we did not make any mistakes and we managed to stay on the road all the time. Unfortunately, after the fourth section, which was the only one we travelled on Friday, we stopped at a connection and we did not finish the stage due to problems with fuel pressure. Auto Partner Rally Team decided to not give up and we resumed our participation at Saturday’s stage. I am highly satisfied from achieved results and speeds. With each section our confidence and a sense of the car grew, and we were around top “10” drivers competing in the ERC. Repeatability and good speed acquired in Rzeszów allows to optimistically look at the next rounds of the PRCh. I am confident we will be at the top already during the upcoming Lower Silesia Rally. I would like to thank the whole Team, Auto Partner – distributor of MaXgear brand and all fans supporting us on routes.

Next, Auto Partner Rally Team will take part in the Lower Silesia Rally planned for 7-9 September 2017.

See footage from drives of Dominykas Butvilas during the 26th Rzeszowski Rally

Tests before the rally

Rally footage part 1

Rally footage part 2




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